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The long-awaited update of Android version

We glad to inform our users of the “Vision board” that a new version of our application on Google Play – 2.0.6

Voice affirmations recording

The new version have a large number of innovations and improvements. We list the most important:

  • Added new functionality – voice recording positive statements (affirmations) from the microphone of your device and place its directly on your board. Open section with recording voice affirmations, you can tell a motivating speech with your voice or record from any possible source of sound. You can then listen to the recording, and if you are satisfied, save the voice affirmation. Functionality provided by the application to add an echo effect – it can increase the impression of the recorded track. Then, you can always open the list of recorded affirmations, add the selected affirmations directly to your Dream Vision Board. Inserted verbal affirmation appears as a «Play» button and assigned name. This element can be to move, rotate and delete as the other. You can add multiple sound affirmations. Removing audio affirmations from the board does not delete it from your list – it has its own removal. Naturally, audio affirmations do not appear on the saved board image, but only in the templates stored in your device. This function is available only in the PRO version.
  • Added new functionality – drop shadow and glow to the inserted symbols and text blocks. To access to add effects click appears “gear” button.  By clicking on the “light bulb” show effects settings window. Select the effect of “glow” or effect of the “shadow” or none of effects (relief effects). Set the desired size of the effect. After clicking on a square plate opens the color selection – choose the desired color effect. In “Knockout” of the symbol or text block is invisible and remains visible only effect. Note that the changes of the effects can be observed in real time. To do this, move the symbol (text box) so that it is visible and not overlapping window effects.
  • Adds new functionality – lock symbols and text blocks. To access the functionality select the desired item (symbol or text box), click on the “gear”, then clicking on the “lock”. And the picture will change to a “closed lock” and the item will become disabled. Moving the other elements they will be positioned over the other, but not locked, which will remain at its level at all times. To unlock, repeat the process and click on the “lock”, which then changes to “open lock”, and the element will be unlocked. This functionality is especially useful for inserting large images, backgrounds, who want to lock in the back of your board.
  • Adds new functionality – clone symbols. Select the symbol you wish to clone, click the “gear”, and then the green button with the cross. Added exactly the same symbol. This functionality makes it easy to add new symbols to the Dream Vision Board without searching them in the gallery.
  • Significantly increased speed and quality saving images.
  • Changed design and navigation.
  • Added sharing on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail created boards.
  • Fixed some bugs and application errors.
  • Increased performance and stability.

We hope that the new features will help our users to have more fun and make the process easy, fast and enjoyable. We are waiting for reviews and suggestions via our feedback form – we respond to all.

The new versions of the application on Google Play:

Vision Board free (option to upgrade to PRO version right within the app)

Vision Board PRO (only $8)