Play video on iPad frame for get more info about how to work the app. See the screenshots on iPhone frame. Go to markets clicking on the buttons and install this app.
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How to work in the application

How to work in the application

The Dream Board is a greatly powerful tool to realize your wishes. The main Dream Board creation rules include:

– Put your best photo where you are alone in the center (you can insert the photo by two ways: from the gallery – take a photo, or copy the image from another sources – open the photo in a browser, copy the image location and insert the link into the application). With this app you can easy remove needless areas and leave only the main.

– Put around the Wishes symbols: your beloved man (or woman) photo which would be easy to edit to cut needless parts, symbols of wealth, prosperity, health and so on.

– Add the text affirmations (positive statement) which help you to reach your wishes.

– You can add any text block with the wish description or with realization date.

– Harmoniously place created elements around the map. Resize, revolve, change the font, it’s color, size, writing.

– Change the background color or background image.

– Save your Dream Board as a template to make it possible to return anytime, edit elements, and add new elements or affirmation.

– Send your image of the Dream Board by e-mail, MMS or by any another available way.

– You can always find the created images of the Dream Boards in the phone’s gallery and set its image as a desktop background.