Play video on iPad frame for get more info about how to work the app. See the screenshots on iPhone frame. Go to markets clicking on the buttons and install this app.
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New affirmation creation

New affirmation creation

– Click the “My affirmations” button and open your affirmations’ list.

– If you didn’t create any affirmations yet then click the “New affirmation” button. You can see and edit your affirmation text in the opened window: change a font, its shape (bold and italic), size and color.

– After saving the affirmation will be inserted on the working place of your Dream Board. Now you can change the size (proportional or not), turn it and move.

– You can open the settings window by double-click on the text element or by single-click on the “A” button (“A” appears when you select the text element). You can change the text and its formatting in the settings window.

– You can always return to your affirmation list and insert any affirmation just by one touch. Also you can remove needless affirmations (click on the red cross in the upper-right corner of each affirmation).