Play video on iPad frame for get more info about how to work the app. See the screenshots on iPhone frame. Go to markets clicking on the buttons and install this app.
For iPad & iPhone
For Android Devices

New symbol creation

New symbol creation

– Click the “My symbols” button and open your symbols list.

– If you didn’t create the symbols yet, you can do it by two different ways – copy the image from your phone gallery or from anywhere on the Internet.

– The first way: to click the “Symbol from the gallery” button and choose needed image. You can take your photo or needed object’s photo in advance and then use it in the app.

– The second way: to click the “Symbol from the network” and open the Task Manager (to click and hold the “Menu” button on your phone), open a browser and find the needed image on any available website. Copy the link location (long touch the image and then click “Copy URL links”), then return to the “Dream Board” app through the Task Manager, insert the copied link into the text box and click “Save” button.

– There are two different ways to edit the image – you can use it if you want. It is easy to switch the way to click the button in the upper-left corner of the screen. The first way, the image will be cropped by the rectangular area – move the markers. The second way, you need to paint the cropped area with green lines over the image. When you’ll finish cropped area’s marking, save the created symbol by clicking on the “Save” button.

– The new symbol will appear on your working area and you will be able to operate with it like with other symbols.

– You can always return to your symbols list and insert any symbol by one click. Also you can remove needless symbols (click on the red cross in the upper-right corner of any symbols).