Play video on iPad frame for get more info about how to work the app. See the screenshots on iPhone frame. Go to markets clicking on the buttons and install this app.
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Templates creation

Templates creation

– When the Dream Board creation is finished or you need to interrupt the process, it is possible to save the map like a template and continue editing any time after, add or remove any element. Click the “Save” button for it.

– Check the saved image in the opened window.

– The created image can be sent by any available channels: e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, MMS and so on.

– Click the “Save as template” button for saving as a template. It will be offered to input the name, concise description and estimated realization date (implementation term) for the created Dream Board. You can choose any realization date which you want.

– Save the template and you will be able to open it for using clicking the “My template” button on the main menu. To remove a template you need to click the red cross and confirm this removing.